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Premium finance software for insurance companies

Billing a problem? How about more profit with less work?

Looking for a new solution?

Imagine a insurance company billing system that allows the insured to make a choice of how they want to pay and your billing system accommodates the insured’s desires. Offering of this option will increase your retention ratio and makes you more money. If this sounds like a dream, it’s not.

Call us for the $5 million net profit the first year story.

…The Insurance Company needed a better way to service their insured's premium needs that others were not, or could not supply.

Contact us and we can discuss and send information specifically for your needs and industry whether you are looking for:
  • Premium financing software.
  • Direct bill software.
  • Option Bill™.
  • Billing Integration, Replacement, and/or Finance software.
  • A better process to handle insurance billing and accounting.

Contact us to get more information about premium finance software, direct bill software or option bill™ software for insurance companies.