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Managing General Agents

Time for change?

Be your own internet premium finance company. Open the doors to a new internet storefront with Evolution's proven products.

Can you Imagine a billing system that allows the insured to make a choice of how they want to pay and your billing system accommodates the insured’s desires? If it is the insured’s choice then it should increase retention ratio and makes you more money. Evolution offers a billing system where everyone wins: you, the insured, the agent and the carrier.

Most vendors offer a limited choice of how to bill. They require you to adapt to their software. Evolution allows you to offer the insured a choice. Our Software can adapt to your offers. Since customer satisfaction is the key, why not let the insured decide? Your customer satisfaction and retention should soar while you make additional profit on the same book of business.

Contact us and we can discuss and send information specifically for your needs and industry whether you are looking for:

  • Premium financing software.
  • Direct bill software.
  • Option Bill™.
  • Billing Integration, Replacement, and/or Finance software.
  • A better process to handle insurance billing and accounting.

Contact us to get more information about premium finance software, direct bill software or option bill™ software for Managing General Agents.