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Want to see how Evolution's premium finance software has features specifically to your business, choose one. These features are over and above the included features in this link.

Insurance Premium Finance Software

Questions to ask yourself.

Does your premium finance software do everything you want to do or can think up?

Can your premium finance software help you market new business?

Can your premium finance software analysis your hot or cold spots?

If No, you may want to take notice of this page. Now you may or may not use or understand all the following features but like most we don’t have or want a crystal ball to foresee the future. However, if you ever need to cross one of these bridges in the future, rest assured that Evolution has you covered.

Do you want to lower your premium finance software cost and increase retention?

If yes, we have plans where you choose how you pay. We believe we can lower your premium finance software unit costs, while at the same time show you better retention methods and greater autonomy with flexibility.

Do you have to call for premium finance software support?

If yes, tell us why. More likely than not we can probably eliminate most or all of those costs.

Below ar many topics we dicuss with people looking for premium finance software.

Do you realise the benefits of on-line electronic payments from policy holders?

Our premium finance software can allow you to recieve payments via check, cash, ACH, PAC, lockbox, credit cards or online electronic payment gateways allowing policy holders / insureds to make payments at their convenience 24/7, 7 days a week. Who do you think is going to get the premium finance loans? Call us to talk about benefits to you.

Do you have these policy holder / insured payment options?

Bill policy holders / insureds with coupons, statements or ACH. Your choice per loan.

Can your premium finance software print multi-lingual forms on the fly?

i.e. While printing / fax / email late notices within the list there is a Hispanic insured. Don't you think it would help retention if theirs was in Spanish?



Can your premium finance software help you market new business?

We can talk about marketing for hours and we have done some remarkable feats in this area. Let Evolution help with many different methods to help obtain and retain agents.

Also, ask about our Rapid Fire™ software for prospecting insurance agents or just contacting existing agents by e-mail.

In fact we were able to do these when another software vendor couldn't pull it off thus causing a $250 million premium finance company to switch to Evolution.

  • Marketing/Contingency/Finders Fees
    • Agent point spread/add-on rate
  • White label premium finance solutions / PLP
  • Account Financing Methods; APR, Group Rates, Discount Plan Method, Service charge percent, Setup fee method, Service charge dollar rate, Processing fee method, APR+ (using 6+ factors)
  • Agent driven premium finance software, could have 800,000,000,000 possible plans. In short, do it your way.
  • Plus so much more. The ultimate versatile enterprise premium finance software solution for you.


Reduce unit cost


Creditability earned, never given. Proof, 49 people to process 157,000 loans, $65 million in profit. Or, how about another company making an additional $5 million in profit without any additional staff. I would say this is unit cost reduction in its finest. We can show you the way. Probably saving you enough to pay for the switch to Evolution's software. Again, when others couldn't pull it offcall now.

  • Reducing unit costs – provides recurring savings
  • On-line electronic payments from policy holders
  • Automated After Hours Processing
  • Import payments (lock box)
  • Outsource forms printing and mailing
  • Ease of Use
  • Easy self-training of new employees including course on premium finance and premium finance software operational videos
  • How to reduce your cancellation / reinstatement process workload
  • Plus much more. The ultimate versatile software solution for you.

Increase Retention

  • On-line electronic payments from policy holders
  • Short Payment rollover
  • Equity date cancellation
  • Revamp cancellation/reinstatement process
  • Plus much more. The ultimate versatile software solution for you.



This is a big unit cost reducer. One company making an additional $5 million in profit without any additional staff. We can show you the way. Probably saving you enough to pay for the switch to Evolution's software. Again, when others couldn't pull it off.

  • On-line electronic payments from policy holders
  • Super Bill™
  • Carrier integration
    • with Billing Integration, Replacement and/or Finance
  • Policy Rater Integration, point of sale
  • Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, our software can integrate seemliness
  • Plus much more. The ultimate versatile software solution for you.

Premium finance software in the cloud


Let us show you the way to a comprehensive web based premium finance software solution. Again, we were the first vendor to allow real-time access (no daily upload or download of data to make it work) and other features when other vendors couldn't pull it off. Read more here.....

Log in anywhere, anytime. Create new quotes, look up accounts, run reports and much more. You really have to see it to get how broad our capabilities are.


Accounting made easy


Back in the old days all the premium finance software vendors just added and subtracted from balances. Evolution was the first that did full debit credit accounting and it took other vendors over a decade to follow and my belief is they are still no where close to us.. The versatility is amazing, if you need it we probably already do it. Ask and we will show you. Again, this is another case when others couldn't pull it off.

  • Debit/Credit accounting with transactions written to both sides
  • Payments automatically split into separate Chart of Accounts; principle, interest, setup fees, late fees, cancellation fees, misc. fees, etc...
  • Securitization
  • Counter fraud measures built in
  • Collections
    • Insured, policy cancellation, insurance policy commission, under down payment
    • Again we were the first to have collections thus forcing other vendors follow
    • This you must see how we leave other in the dust
  • 25+ adjustment capabilities
  • Standard balances receivable, payable and collections
  • Optional Balances; accrual, compensating, processing fees, reserve contingency, interest charge back
  • On-line electronic payments from policy holders

Print / Image / eMail / Fax / Outsource


You benefit from this with the ability to do what some of your premium finance competitors can't. Evolution;s innovation has been out front for many years. We were the first and still do things other vendors can't do.

Our proven Form Generator ™ allows inclusions of Multi-lingual language, multiple conditional layers, logos/images, bar codes, duplex printing.

Forms are automatically imaged (no scanning) at print time. A virtual file cabinet.

Forms can be e-mail or faxed to recipient(s).

Sort and group outgoing forms by entity to save postage.

Outsource forms printing and mailing with ease.

Reports, again e-mail or fax to whomever.

Ad Hoc / Custom report builder. Create, edit, print a solution designed for a specific problem or task. Doubt if you need this since we ship 80+ reports that you can pick and choose what to use based upon how you want to run your business.

Plus so many other features you need to ask about.

Ask us about the 38 benefits to you just on forms alone..



Management is key to success. Good enough for 49 people to process 157,000 loans, $65 million in profit. Or, how about another company making an additional $5 million in profit without any additional staff. We can show you the way. Again, when others couldn't pull it off.

  • Easy to get started
    • All state rules are already in. Compliance in all 50 states
    • Add your logo to forms pre-approved in all states
    • Verify your rates you will charge
    • Add operaters / users
    • No IT personnel necessary for thes steps
  • Easy to bring on new staff training
    • Help files
    • "Premium Finance 101" a course about the premium finance process with pre-tests and post-tests so everyone inderstands how the premium finance industry basically operates.
    • Video training
    • Hands-on Training tutorial in a seperate premium finance software training area
  • Analyze your business -Production by agent, marketing rep and private label plans, for commercial or personal lines or all business, between days or months. By balance sheets or dollar conversion (multiple if in Canada and US).Securitization
  • All types of Analytical reports and history
  • 80+ reports to pick and choose from including which printer they are to go to. Protect what you determine classified.
  • Counter fraud measures
  • Security measures / Procedural audit
    • User / operator allowable software functions set by your administrator and much more.
  • Plus much more. The ultimate versatile premium finance software solution for you.

From point-of-sale to payoff, over 1.1 million loans with $14+ billion in premium has been financed through Evolution's premium finance software (last count 2004). This could only have come about because our premium finance software products provide the much needed functionality that interacts with the newest of technologies to complete the task at hand.

Since 1979 (43 years) we've led the pack in high performance solutions for the premium finance industry. By staying ahead of emerging technologies we have become empowered to go beyond just servicing our client base to improving their position in the marketplace.

For more information e-mail us or if you do not have a default e-mail client click here.

Premium finance software vendors


This is where the rubber meets the road. Which vendor will help take you into future technology and functionality you may need but can't foresee. You probally won't want to switch software later down the road?

Are you currently running premium finance software?

Want to start a premium finance company? Need a premium finance company business plan?Need help getting licensed?

Want to let a third party (someone else) service your business?

Want a better method to lower unit cost and increase retention?

Want to leverage your cash with a bank line of credit?

We have done it all and can show just how easy it can be..

Evolution Inc.

Since 1979 (43 years) for decades premium finance software is our business. Evolution has been helping insurance premium finance companies streamline and grow their businesses. Earning the trust of so many.

Evolution blazed a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes technology like counter fraud measures, day money runs out, specific tools for the manages and accountants, retention, renewals, ways to lower your unit cost, user management control, workflow processes, automatic form(s) imaging, save a tree features, an accounting engine and complex business rules to prevent operators from making mistakes and more. Most of these you will never see when looking at our software they just happen. Let Evolution show you how we can help your business, over and above the average software demo is like.

No other premium finance software vendor can do what we do for policyholders, agents or your bank relationship and credit line interface. Marketing, we have the innovative tools. We lead, creating new innovative ideas while other vendors try to follow. Been happening for years and still have new ideas coming.

Evolution provides the best most advanced premium finance software in functionality,scalability, and technology. We can be your go to premium finance pro whether you input 1 or 10,000 loans.

Know you have the right premium finance software when you can use the same enterprise software that has passed accounting audits and procedural audits as well as exceeding expectations on a variety of stress tests by the largest computer consulting company in the world, Accenture.

Ask us your hardest question or about a premium finance software task or feature you would like to do. Big, small or in between you will benefit! Call 913-384-2654 Below are some topics we can talk about.

Evolution has listened and worked closely with owners, operators, CFO’s, CEO's, CPA’s, IT personnel, auditors, consultants and states.

  • Plus, have very close ties with a seasoned executive with over 28 years of progressive experience in the marketing of financial services products and 20 years in management within the Premium Finance Industry including ten years’ successful experience in bank lending to the premium finance industry and Profitably managed five different premium finance companies; founded two of them for investor groups.

If you think you have an idea the we have not thought of or have already done, then bring it on.

Since 1979 (43 years) Yes, we are the oldest, most experienced, tested, technological advanced premium finance software vendor in existence because we listen.

I was only asked once, in 2015 after 36 years, why we didn't run a premium finance business. Of course the answer was "In a way we do, since our software runs many companies and has done so for decades." Their reply "Do you own a premium finance company?" My answer "We don't need to, doing just fine as we are." Then I thought as well, if we did then we probably would of never made our premium finance software what is is today.

Premium finance software can reside on your server (in-house) or in the cloud/web, your choice with Evolution. Note: All large large premium finance companies we know of keep their software and database in-house (on their server) to protect their trade secret status, in order to continue to enjoy their protection and rights.. Here is a suggested reading link by the SBA on 7 Steps for Protecting Your Trade Secrets.

  • We think every business should think about where their intellectual property / data resides.
    • Do you even know if it meet the protection you need?
    • Why do you think all major companies and banks have their own computers/servers and keep all information in-house?
    • Do you realize that your customers are considered your intellectual property?
    • What happens when you put that information in the cloud / internet / public domain?
    • What happens is someone not under the vendor's control like a cloud server farm does ......?
    • There are so many more what if's. Call us if you would like to know more.
  • To learn more:

Another vendor's claim

Another vendor's claim "... software was created with a working knowledge of the premium finance business, not by software developers that don't run other finance companies."

We strongly disagree. Here is why:

  • Evolution has taken a $250 million premium finance company away from that same vendor because their premium finance software could not do what the customer wanted. Sure some are going to switch now and then but $250 million is a big company.
  • Evolution has had 10's of billions passed through our software.
  • Passed stringent premium finance procedural audits and financial audits.
  • Worked with IT to do work load stress tests setup by the largest IT company in the world, Accenture.
  • 43 years working with hundreds of people financing multiple lines of business, startups to billion dollar companies, worked with the largest IT consultant in the world, Accenture, who is in multiple countries essentially makes Evolution easily surpass any one single software developer that decides to run a premium finance business and use that to try to slam us.

    In short, Evolution's expertise stands alone and high above other vendors. If you count all of the many people in these companies along with the operators not just using the software but those we have had deep detailed conversations’ with then Evolution probably has century’s worth of experience that we drew and draw from.

    Credibility earned, not given and can never be taken away or surpassed.

  • Evolution released our Windows product in 1993. It took one vendor 12 more years (2008) and another vendor 15 more years to offer a Windows product to their customers. Then they try to say they are innovative and leaders. Give me a break! LOL.