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Insurance Premium Finance Software & Auto Warranty Software

Evolution, since 1979, is an innovative and dynamic insurance premium financing software development company that43 years In business supplies insurance premium finance software solutions for your server (in-house) or in the cloud, your choice with Evolution.

Evolution also has auto warranty software solutions, premium billing software and superior support tools that markets high-performance enterprise finance and billing solutions.

Our insurance industry software solutions.

Insurance premium finance software solutions has been helping companies streamline and grow their businesses including banks, premium finance companies, agents, insurance companies and MGA's (managing general agents) make a high yield investment for tremendous profit in finance charges and fees.

Our insurance premium finance software has an outstanding, reliable track record. As of our last poll in 2004, we found that our users had processed 1.1 million loans with close to $14 billion in premium just through our Windows products alone. We earned our creditability.

Know you have the right software when you can use the same enterprise software that has passed accounting audits and procedural audits by our customers as well as exceeding expectations on a variety of stress tests by the largest computer consulting company in the world.

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If you want to know the premium finance concept, check by web, credit card payments, point of sale rater integration, insurance company integration, imaging, web presence or if you are a seasoned premium finance specialist, we have answers and software solutions for you. Whatever the question; call today for premium finance answers including premium finance software enterprise solutions.

If you are a startup or seasoned premium finance company, we have guidelines and articles here to help you grow and improve your business.

Our software lineup also includes KAR an auto service contract / warranty software and Rapid Fire a mass e-mail marketing software product that does not require you to put your proprietary email list out in the cloud that others might hack and get, we have it here.

Evolution has always been the most innovative, always leading the premium finance industry with the broadest functionality within its software. We have been and will continue to be the first to bring new technology to the market by setting new standards while keeping our strong accounting fundamentals.

Our software continues to evolve and assist our customers to respond rapidly to their customer inquiries and improve efficiencies within their business. If you have looked at Evolution's products in the past or even used them you need to look again. Ask us your toughest questions or tell us your fears. We have witnessed a great deal over the decades and our software reflects it.

Even though insurance premium financing software consists of booking loans on insurance policies and receiving payments etc...(the basics), there are many natural deviations depending on your specific "business type". If you are a premium finance company you will operate differently than an MGA doing insurance premium finance. If you are an insurance company providing premium financing, agency bill or direct bill billing, or even an agent who finances their own book of business, you just will not operate the same. Premium finance software, direct bill software or agency bill software we can do each or combine all with our billing integration, replacement, and/or finance (BIRF).

Customers in the United States, Canada, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Elevate your business with Evolution's trusted expertise!

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