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The best premium finance software is Back Office+™

Insurance premium finance software for daily internal operations ...premium finance internal operations

Definitions: Back office - "The internal operations of an organization that are not accessible or visible to the general public..." "of or relating to the inner workings of a business or institution..."Back Office+™ is an insurance premium finance software packed with innovation.

One customer in a little over a year financed 230,136 policies in 157,517 loans totaling $1,071,513,830.20 in premium with 60 users with a gross profit of $50,218,151.35 and with a .002358% write-off/mark off.

Excellence in the cloud. another customer hired the largest computer consultant in the world, Accenture, to verify it would handle the volume they expected with a variety of user capacity stress tests within a set limited tim (i.e. goal was 100 loans per hour and ended up with 270 in an hour from 49 users).

Excellence on in-house computers / servers. Majority of premium finance companies go this route for control and security reasons.

Best solution. With Evolution's Back Office+ your daily operations can run on your in-house/internal computer systems or in the cloud/web your choice, while agents and insureds/policyholders, etc. can access and handle their needs via the cloud with our Accounts.Net.

Since 1979 Evolution's well-designed premium finance software functionality is surpassed by none. Lower unit costs with improved workflow for all processes. We earned our creditability. Software with a good, reliable track record. As of our last poll way back in 2004, we found that our users had processed 1.1 million loans with close to $14 billion in premium just through our premium finance software.

Bring your task, your hardest question. We probably have you covered and can show you we have the best premium finance software. Other "thinking outside the box" functionality like Rater integration, carrier billing integration, outsource printing, renewals, insurance policy commissions, borrowing base certificate, marketing reps, private label plans, securitization to name a few that you may need to compete or grow your business.

Premium finance software needs to pass accounting and procedural audits that cover functionally, counter fraud, workflow, what user did what and when, and other internal controls, etc. We are the best choice.

Evolution has always lead in innovation, features and functionally which allows you more choices with more control plus analytical abilities to analyze your business!

Back Office+ ships ready to enter new loans including pre-built forms, reports, all state laws, insurance companies and MGAs already loaded. Just add your agents, do a quick review and you will be on your way.

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  1. On-line electronic payments from policy holders.
  2. Marketing your premium finance company.
  3. Reducing unit cost.
  4. Increase retention.
  5. Integration.
  6. Choice of premium finance software in the cloud /web and or in-house on your computers,.
  7. Forms printing, imaging, e-mail, fax, outsourcing forms printing.
  8. Accounting, what are you missing?
  9. Management issues.
  10. Premium finance software vendors.

Affordable premium finance software

Why should you have to adapt to software when our software can adapt to you?

We invite you to take a closer look, it could easily change your prospective and it's affordable. Call us @ 913-384-2654, takes about 20 minutes to connect up and give you a quick look.

internal operationsEvolution blazed a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes technology like counter fraud measures, day money runs out, specific tools for the manages and accountants, retention, renewals, ways to lower your unit cost, user management control, workflow processes, automatic form imaging, save a tree features, an accounting engine and complex business rules to prevent operators from making mistakes and more. Most of these you will never see when looking at our software they just happen. Let us show you how we can help your business, over and above the average software demo is like.

These days it’s hard to find software that can help you grow, is easy to use, affordable and lets you decide where you want the software to reside while delivering the functionality you need to remain competitive.

One company probably spent well north of $100,000 and hired Accenture (largest computer consulting company in the world). They spent 4 months testing every aspect of our software (operability, documentation, service levels, security, integrity, control, legislation requirements, stability, scalability, functionality, accounting, etc.) including scalability with very structured performance and stress test within a set limited time. (i.e. goal was 100 loans per hour and ended up with 270 in an hour from 49 users). We exceed the goals they set. Note: their plans 350 agents, 270,000 loans per year, 5200 payments a day. Accenture Fact Sheet | Accenture - Accenture - Wikipedia

Premium finance software can reside on your server (in-house) or in the cloud/web, your choice with Evolution. Most large premium finance companies keep their software and database in-house (on their server) to protect their trade secret status including agent's X-dates. Here is a suggested reading link by the SBA on 7 Steps for Protecting Your Trade Secrets.

If you are a startup or seasoned premium finance company, we have guidelines and articles here to help you grow and improve your business.

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